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BUG FIX: [BitTorrent] About multiple torrents in a single listening port

Última Actualización: 08 de October de 2004 - Viernes

The original patch has two problems:

  • The handshake for the incoming connections fails unless the connections request the first torrent launched. This serious bug only affects incoming connections.

  • When a torrent is "retired", incoming connections to it could "pile-up". If that torrent was very demanded, the client could run out of file descriptors.

This patch solves both issues. In particular, the second one uses "weak references" to free resources and to detect when client threads die.

This patch is distributed AS IS (if it erases your harddisk is your fault, not mine ;-) ) using the original BitTorrent MIT License. I haven't removed the original code, so you can patch your client and enable/disable the new code at will.


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